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King Ezana (Abreha)

Abreha, also known as King Ezana, was a fourth-century c.e. king who converted to Christianity and subsequently established this faith as the state religion in Axum (Aksum), part of modern-day Ethiopia. Scholars do not...

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Debre Damo Monastery

Debre Damo is the name of a flat-topped mountain, or amba, and a 6th century monastery in northern Ethiopia. The mountain is steeply rising plateau of trapezoidal shape, about 1000 by 400 meters in...

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The Monastery of Gunda Gundo

Gunda Gundo is accessed from the town of Edagahamus, 100km after Mekelle. It has an area that lies between a sheer side cliff in the west and an escarpment that drops towards the Afar...